Deeper into the woods


What do we do?

Hello! Welcome to our website. Pixaluna has shifted gears! Instead of trying to change the world visually, we decided it was better to change the world by opening minds one at a time! We're a cafe-retail space where we host performances and events to build Singapore's culture and community. I hope you will approach us with open minds and hearts, and leave with a new perspective!

We're also trying to shed a spotlight on our local creators and other creators that push boundaries. When you meet us, you'll see how it works 😉


Pixaluna started off in 2018 under the alias "Breakfast Included". It was a project that started off on a whim, combining food and fashion together, forming a unique experience. 

Re-launching in 2019, this time as Pixaluna, our core values remain the same, valuing the whimsy and quirky. 

Our Ultimate 'Why'

The founder and sole-proprietor, Paulina Wijaya is an artist, who specializes in making works revolving around the topics of identity, and the concept of otherness. This is not surprising as she is an immigrant: born in Indonesia, raised in Singapore to a Taiwanese-Indonesian-Chinese family. Being an immigrant made it easy to draw fine lines between each and every distinction, quickly separating her personal identity from each community she was a part of. She felt like “the other” many times in her life, being diagnosed as neuro-atypical, only made it feel even more isolating. Her previous attempts at assimilating, ultimately failed, however led her to find the merits in cherishing her differences.

Through Pixaluna, Paulina hopes to disrupt the ordinary, and to remind us that each and every one of us is unique, only due to our differences, and we should cherish them.  

Sustainability and other things

It's 2019, and there are all these brands boasting their sustainable practices, and eco-friendly ways. If you were wondering, yes, Pixaluna is dedicated to the S.E.E. Principles: Sustainable, Ethical, Eco-Friendly. We like clothes that last, but we like a planet that lasts even more. We produce in small quantities to reduce waste in the environment. Our packaging is printed with soy-ink, onto biodegradable or compostable surfaces. However we also acknowledge that we are not as sustainable, ethical, or eco-friendly as much as we'd like. There will always be ways that we can improve, and as such, we will keep working on our S.E.E. Principles as we expand.