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Open Mind (December)

Open Mind (December)

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Open Mind is basically an open mic event with a twist! Bring or perform something you made. The objective of Open Mind is to introduce new concepts or art in places we may not expect to one another. 

There will be an inspiration wall where people can post items that have been inspiring them that they may not have made themselves. 


For all pieces of work, feedback is strongly encouraged. It doesn't have to be critical, it can just be a comment about how the work made you feel.

If you'd like to sell your original work as a product (a zine, a print, an EP), do let us know, there will be a consignment fee. There may be self-manned boothing options available.

How it works:

Before the event, I will reach out to those who have signed up for the exhibition pass to receive your submissions or a sample. Only when the submission is confirmed will your ticket be confirmed. We will be curating the event so that the themes flow smoothly. 

In the event that the event has too many submissions, I may have to postpone the exhibition of your work to a later date or reject your submission.

All prices for exhibiting, and boothing are per day. We will give priority exhibiting slots based off of our curation scores. 


Exhibits will be open from 10am to 10pm.

6 to 8 December 2024 (F-Su)

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