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Ho Seh Bo? Tea Party

Ho Seh Bo? Tea Party

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Let's have a kiki! Come in, pick a vessel, pick your poison*, and let's talk. We're dishing tea and biscuits. Absolve yourself of your labels, and talk about you! When you're here, you're not your job, or your family. You can be whoever you want to be, you can feel what you need to feel. Don't fret! What is said in a kiki, stays there...

*=all tickets come with a choice of a drink. We will have a tea bar where patrons may customize their own tea creations!


2 - 6pm; 3 March 2024
2 - 6pm; 17 March 2024
2 - 6pm; 31 March 2024
2 - 6pm; 14 April 2024
2 - 6pm; 28 April 2024
2 - 6pm; 12 May 2024
2 - 6pm; 26 May 2024

Locations will be provided nearer to the date.


Ho Seh Bo? Is based off the concept of a Tea Party or a Kiki known in the LGBTQ+ community as a gathering to talk about life. It’s a casual get together where people vent about their lives and feelings. There will be facilitators that will help guide the conversation to keep it casual.


The purpose of hosting regular casual get-togethers is to build community between people of all walks of life. We use the phrase “Ho Seh Bo?” as it means “Are you doing alright?” or literally translated as “Are you good?”. It’s the beginning of asking for someone’s welfare. It is an invitation to talk about feelings.

Singapore is known for the lack of emotional awareness. A lot of Singaporeans don’t know they are overworking themselves until they are burnt out. Singapore has been known to be one of the more tired and unhappier countries in the world. There is also a reputation of difficulty in making connections with other people in Singapore.

Apart from creating more connections between people from all walks of life, creating emotional awareness, a safe place to vent, and to create a community, Ho Seh Bo? Also aims to create what is known as a third space. Something that sociologists agree to be lacking in today’s society. It refers to a place apart from home and work where people socialize.

By facilitating conversations and regular meet-up events, this could potentially become a community breeding ground.

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